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Wood Borer Control In Australia

Borers are a nightmare for anyone who builds their property with wood and uses wooden furniture. Are your wooden furniture and properties haunted? Are you looking for treatment options through borer pest control in Melbourne? Sameday Pest Control welcomes you to receive fast, safe and bespoke wood drilling treatment services as we have several years of industry experience and thousands of satisfied customers. We know how much you value your wood furniture and products, and we know how to ensure maximum durability for those with proven pest treatment solutions.

borer control
borer control

Signs Of Wood Borer Hitches

If you can't decide if the problems with the wood are due to the borers, the following signs will help you confirm it:

• The presence of small holes, oval or round, in furniture and wooden products.

• You can also spot borehole dust or grass on the floor just below wood products.

• Crumbled or weak and damaged wooden planks and floorboards.

• Tunnels in the woods due to wood drilling larvae.

• The presence of wood drill larvae, eggs, dead drillers on the floor under the wood products.

• You may also hear boring larvae scrape wood, especially during the season they are active.

If you observe any of these wood borer infestation symptoms, seek assistance from Sameday Pest Control to save your furniture and wood products. This is not just a monetary loss, but part of the sentimental value of the furniture that may have been passed down from generation to generation.

Why Sameday Pest Control?

Everyone at Sameday Pest Control is deeply committed to creating a healthy and clean environment around our customers with our services. The highlights of our services are as follows:

• Trained, certified and highly experienced pest control technicians

• State-of-the-art procedures and tools

• Safe and family friendly pest control services

• Same / Next Day Express Services

• All-inclusive prices, advance estimates for services

• Friendly and transparent service experience

• 100% satisfaction guarantee

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