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Flea Parasite Control In Australia

Do you see a growing number of fleas around your property these days and are you looking for advanced flea treatment solutions for the home? Are you worried that fleas could endanger your pets' health and want advanced treatment for flea infestation? At Sameday Pest Control, we have several years of experience and experienced specialists to offer the most effective flea pest control in Melbourne. We make a difference with our commitment to ensure a hygienic and healthy environment for Melbourne homeowners and businesses.We provide tailor-made flea treatment services for our clients based on flea type, level of infestation and other factors.

flea control
flea control

Main Species of Fleas

Do you know the main flea species you can encounter in Melbourne? Before selecting a pest control service, this information may help you communicate your needs with the flea pest management company.

The most visible flea species in Melbourne are:

• Cat flea - The most common flea species in Australia that attacks rats, dogs and other mammals, but rarely humans. The flea has a reddish-brown color, 1-2 mm long, and its main host is domestic cats.

• Dog fleas - Dog fleas look almost similar to cat fleas but are less common than cat fleas. They attack a wide variety of mammals, particularly domestic dogs and cats.

• Human flea - They are rare compared to dog and cat fleas due to increased domestic hygiene standards in recent decades. They usually attack pigs, dogs, rats, mice, domestic cats, many other mammals and birds.

If you see your pet constantly scratching any part of the body, you should check for flea bites and initiate corrective action.

The Sameday Pest Control Procedure

At Sameday Pest Control, we offer a full flea control service - a four step procedure. We know how much you value the health and well-being of your family and pets, and we reciprocate the same feelings through our services.