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Moth Pest Control Treatment In Australia

Do you see irregular holes in your clothes and are you looking for the reason for the damage? Are you worried that your carpets have a moth infestation and are you looking for a carpet moth treatment in Australia? Welcome to Sameday Pest Control. We are the preferred destination for Melbourne residences and businesses for quality, safe and effective moth removal and pest treatment. With certified and experienced pest technicians and state-of-the-art procedures, we will provide you with fast and efficient moth pest control services.

moth control
moth control

At Same Pest Control, we offer bespoke treatment solutions, based on our inspections, to deliver the best results.

Why Moth Pest Control?

Moths do not bite or cause any direct harm to humans. However, they do more than most other parasites, causing widespread damage to your personal products and can indirectly affect your health condition. Some of the main dangers associated with moth infestation are as follows:

Moth droppings can contaminate your food and lead to serious illness if you consume the food.

There are specific species of moths that attack clothing, carpets and blankets. Also, people who use such clothes and blankets can experience an allergic reaction.

Moth hairs in the caterpillar stage can trigger asthma attacks.

Moths can fly on people's faces and become a nuisance, especially on heavily infested properties.

Some species of moths can make people feel uncomfortable as they become noisy and disturb sleep at night.

Brown house moths consume grains, seeds, flours and potatoes and can infest food products.

White moths and their green caterpillar larvae can destroy crops and should be treated immediately with our white moth removal service.

They are most active between December and April.

Bottom line, moths can damage your personal items and make your life more stressful if not addressed in time. As soon as you see the signs of moth infestation, contact us for an immediate pest control service to make your environment healthy.

Our Moth Treatment Procedure

At Samedays Pest Control, we offer a comprehensive moth removal pest control service for moth infestation at residential and commercial properties. Our four-step process leaves your environment free of moths, ensures maximum protection for your belongings and protects you from health problems.