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Rodent Control

Tired of the growing number of rodents around your property and all the damage they cause? Do you think the health of your family members or workforce may be at risk due to rodents and want professional rodent removal in Australia?

We welcome you same day pest control - the advanced pest control destination for rats and mice. We use the latest technology and modern tools to control the rodent population around your home. With several years of providing qualified services, we have established a solid reputation in the pest control industry in Australia.

rodent control
rodent control

Major Rodent Species Seen in Australia

Australia is home to more than 60 native species of rodents as well as three that have been introduced. With the ability to eat a wide variety of foods, their small size, and their short reproductive cycle, they are a very successful mammal. In Victoria, you'll often see the following types of common pest rodents:

  • Norwegian Rat - These brown rats are active at night and have a lifespan of 9-12 months.
  • Roof rat - Black rat has excellent ability to climb and nest in rooftop spaces and buildings. Their average lifespan is 9-12 months.
  • Domestic Mouse - These brown or gray mice live indoors or outdoors but in close proximity to humans. Their average lifespan is 12 months.

A rodent infestation causes a number of health issues in humans and pets, and rat removal and control is a must for every home and business in Melbourne.

The importance of rodent pest control in Australia

The damage associated with a rodent infestation is often beyond your imagination. It is known to transmit a number of diseases to humans and has claimed millions of lives throughout history.

  • Contamination of rodent droppings in food, causing typhoid and mild meningitis.
  • People may get leptospirosis due to direct contact with rodent feces.
  • Through the blood-sucking fleas that infect mice, the Rickettsia typhi bacteria may be transmitted to humans and lead to infection with typhus fever.
  • In some cases, rats and mice may bite humans, and this can lead to rat fever.
  • Rodents often introduce allergens into the home environment and can trigger asthma symptoms in humans.
  • Mice often carry ticks, which can lead to Lyme disease - a very serious health condition with long-term consequences.
  • Rodents inside the property can damage personal property, including electrical wires.

Because of these risks, you cannot wait until you see signs of rodents in your home. Call same-day pest control for immediate rat pest control and rat protection services to protect yourself, your family or workforce.