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Silverfish is a parasite, known to cause widespread damage to residential properties if not treated in time. This little silvery bug is a health hazard as well as a nuisance. Do you see the parasite or its tracks around your property and are you looking for professional silverfish control in Melbourne? Are you looking for ways to make your environment a healthier place through advanced silverfish removal services? We welcome you to Sameday Pest Control. With certified and experienced pest control specialists and modern techniques, we have become the premier choice for state of the art silverfish pest control services in Melbourne. We analyze pest infestation at our clients' properties and offer tailor-made solutions that give them the best results.

silverfish control
silverfish control

Identifying silverfish infestation on your property

With its tendency to live in hidden places, you will find it difficult to identify silverfish infestation on your property. However, the following signs could indicate the presence of silverfish on your property:

• The leaky skin and droppings of silverfish appear like pepper. If you see this on your floors or walls, you can conclude the presence of silverfish on your property.

• Do you see holes in the backgrounds? It could be an indication of a silverfish infestation.

• Silverfish also leads to a yellow infestation on books, textiles, wallpapers.

• Check for trapped moisture and dark areas of your property, including bathrooms, attics and basements. You may be able to see silverfish in those areas.

• Silverfish tend to eat gum and glue. Therefore, you can check for furniture that has used glue or rubber.

• Check books, cartoons and magazines for silverfish infestations as they tend to hide behind them during the day.

Why Sameday Pest Control?

Everyone at Sameday Pest Control is deeply committed to creating a healthy and clean environment around our customers with our services. The highlights of our services are as follows:

• Trained, certified and highly experienced pest control technicians

• State-of-the-art procedures and tools

• Safe and family friendly pest control services

• Same / Next Day Express Services

• All-inclusive prices, advance estimates for services

• Friendly and transparent service experience

• 100% satisfaction guarantee

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